Spring Break Plans

Everybody has some. Whether it’s spending it on a beach somewhere or simply going home for a staycation, every college student has some spring break plans that they’re likely quite excited about. 

I am no exception.

Me and some buddies of mine are hopping in a passanger van and embarking on the 15 hour drive to Panama City Beach, Florida. We’ll be 8 of 1250 other college students from all over the country who are going to that particular beach with CRU. The last time I went to the beach with friends, we got evicted from our condo (much less exciting than it sounds) so I sincerely hope this instance is different. 

What are your spring break plans? Or perhaps you’re one of those strange things we call “adults” and don’t get a designated spring break. If that’s you, what is your best (or blurriest) spring break memory? Comment below.

Have a good day!



3 thoughts on “Spring Break Plans

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  2. I went to Washington DC for a political tour one Spring Break in college. Saw the White House, Congress, met my Rep and Senator. Great time…if you are into politics. Didn’t get sunburned at least.

    • I would love to go to D.C. sometime. There’s lots of history in those buildings as well as an inside look into the political machine.

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